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Welded Drag Chain Attachments

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  • Two Piece welded barrel construction-provides more rivet contact and better scraping action.
  • Reverse Barrel configuration also available.
  • Sidebars are pierced and broach to a precise pitch tolerance to insure proper strand length and give more bearing surface in the hole to increase surface area for the press fit of the pin.
  • Automated welding is used on both the construction of the two piece barrel and the welding of the link.
Dimensions are given in inches.

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Item #

Attachment No.

Chain Number


Dimension (S)

Dimension (B)

Dimension (G)

Dimension (T)

WD104-C1 C1 WD104 4.12 0.38 2.25 0.38
WDH110-C1 C1 WDH110 9.12 0.38 2.25 0.38
WD104-W1 W1 WD104 12.00 1.88 N/A 0.38
WDH110-W1 W1 WDH110 17.00 1.88 N/A 0.38
WD120-W1 W1 WD120 17.00 1.75 N/A 0.500
WDH480-W1 W1 WDH480 22.00 2.50 N/A 0.500
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1 
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