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Welded Steel Chains

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Offset Mill Type Chain

Welded Mill Chains

Welded steel mill chains are recommended for most conveying, driving, and elevating applications where a high-strength steel rollerless chain is required. These chains will operate on the same sprockets as their cast chain counterparts.

The direction of travel for welded Mill Chain is determined by the application. If used in a conveyor application, the direction should be with the open end first. If used as a drive chain, the closed end, or the end with the barrel, should be first.

Dimensions are given in inches.
Welded Steel Drag Chains

Welded Drag Chains

With their large wide pushing area, welded steel drag chains provide sizeable carrying capacity when operated at moderate speeds. They can be run in the same troughs and on the same sprockets as their cast chain counterparts.

Dimensions are given in inches.
Steel-Mill-A1 Attachment Drawing

Welded Steel Chain Attachments

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