NCS720S is a non-metallic collector chain. The injection molding process is very reliable, leaving no pockets of air, yielding a uniform and strong link every time. Its durable link material and unique pin design make it ideal for the harsh conditions presented by sewage treatment plants.

NH78 is ideal for rectangular clarifier power transmission needs. Its construction offers superior corrosion resistance and strengh. It is perfect for areas where design clearances are tight, and it can also be used as a collector chain.

Dimensions are given in inches.
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Item #


Pin Diameter (D)

Height of Sidebar (H)

Diameter of Barrel (H)

Max. Allowable Sprocket Face (A)

Bearing Length (X)

Max. Recommended Working Load

NCS720S N/A 6.000 N/A 0.93 N/A 2.03 N/A 1.44 N/A 1.12 N/A 1.81 N/A 3,100 lb
NH78 N/A 2.609 N/A 0.38 N/A 1.12 N/A 0.88 N/A 0.94 N/A 1.62 N/A 1,750 lb
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