Sorting chains feature G-1 holes in the link plates, through which rods can be inserted for use with a wire mesh belt or in washing station conveyors. Parallel strands are typically used. Dimensions are given in inches.
Unit of Measure

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Pin Inside Diameter (e)

Avg. Weight

N/A G1 N/A 1.250 N/A 0.250 N/A 0.53 lb/ft
N/A G1 N/A 1.50 N/A 0.315 N/A 0.96 lb/ft
N/A G1 N/A 1.250 N/A 0.330 N/A 0.95 lb/ft
N/A G1 N/A 2.00 N/A 0.315 N/A 1.58 lb/ft