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Allied-Locke Barking Drum Chain has proven its ability to provide longer chain life, reduced downtime and smooth operation, whether suspended or used as drive chain on trunnion mounted drums. This chain features a double cotter design which provides an extra measure of protection in case of pin breakage. Allied-Locke has also developed a unique flanged idler for use with this chain which assures proper alignment of the chain and extends its service life.

Dimensions are given in inches.
Unit of Measure

Item #

Item Name

Pitch (A)

Avg. Weight

Avg. Ultimate Strength

Recommended Working Load


Side Bar Width (B)

Side Bar Thickness (C)

2210 N/A Barking Drum Chain N/A 6.000 N/A 28.6 lb/ft N/A 223,900 lb N/A 12,700 lb N/A N/A 3.50 N/A 0.63
2220 N/A Barking Drum Chain N/A 6.000 N/A 35.6 lb/ft N/A 238,800 lb N/A 15,800 lb N/A N/A 4.00 N/A 0.63
2260 N/A Barking Drum Chain N/A 7.000 N/A 38.4 lb/ft N/A 278,000 lb N/A 21,300 lb N/A N/A 4.00 N/A 0.75
Unit of Measure