Allied-Locke sprockets can be bored to accept industry-standard Keyless Locking Devices, which can be used in lieu of keys and setscrews to provide zero-backlash, easily adjustable shaft sprocket connections.

Zero Backlash
Keyless Locking Devices eliminate the backlash associated with keyed connections. This backlash frequently leads to keys wallowing or pounding out in applications with intermittent or reversing motion. Keyless Locking Devices provide a permanent solution to this problem and can be mounted directly over existing keyways.

Simple Components Timing
Keyless Locking Devices permit quick and easy radial and axial adjustment of sprocket connections, accomplished with simple hand tools and without removing components from the shaft, greatly simplifying the process of timing components.

Selection Procedure
Required data include the shaft size (units are available starting at 1/4" or 6 mm), the desired sprocket size and type and the peak torque to be transmitted, inclusive of any required Safety Factor.

Keyless Locking Devices provide heavy duty, worry-free connections for all types of sprockets
Unit of Measure

Applications Served

N/A conveyors forest products high-temperature industrial ovens material handling