S-Type, or Bar Loop Chain, is furnished with all heat treated components. It is constructed of a standard rivetless block link and fabricated steel sidebars. Bar loop chains offer the advantage of a flat steel sidebar for welding attachments. The pins are a riveted style to keep the sidebars locked, eliminating the chance of chain coming apart when slack is present and reducing wear between the pin and sidebar.

Dimensions are given in inches.
Unit of Measure



N/A 9.031

Dimension (E)

N/A 3.25

Dimension (F)

N/A 2.69

Dimension (T)

N/A .50

Dimension (T1)

N/A 1.00

Dimension (X)

N/A 1.56

Dimension (B)

N/A 1.25

Avg. Ultimate Strength

N/A 130,000 lb

Links per 10'

N/A 13.3


N/A 10.4 lb/ft

Chain Construction

N/A Riveted

Applications Served

N/A automotive industry car wash material handling meat packing overhead conveyors sugar processing trolley conveyors