998A is Allied Locke's alloy steel version of the popular 998 chain. Alloy versions are chosen for applications where higher tensile strength and greater durability are needed. Please contact Allied Locke's engineering department for material selection based on your application.

Regular Type is furnished with only the T-head pins heat treated. These pins are symmetrical and may be reversed when worn.

Dimensions are given in inches.
Unit of Measure



N/A Drop Forge Reg Type Draw


N/A 9.031

Dimension (E)

N/A 3.88

Dimension (F)

N/A 2.52

Dimension (T)

N/A 0.62

Dimension (T1)

N/A 1.00

Dimension (X)

N/A 1.56

Dimension (B)

N/A 1.12

Avg. Ultimate Strength

N/A 210,000 lb

Links per 10'

N/A 13.3


N/A 9.0 lb/ft

Chain Construction

N/A Special Pin


N/A Rivetless Drop Forged chain in alloy steel construction is also available by special order.

Applications Served

N/A automotive industry car wash material handling meat packing overhead conveyors sugar processing trolley conveyors