Side bow chain offers extra clearance between pins, bushings, and side-plates to allow flexibility around curves or in twists. Dimensions are given in inches.
Unit of Measure



N/A Dimensions<!--Side Bow Chain-->

Pitch (P)

N/A 0.625

Roller Width (W)

N/A 0.375

Roller Diameter (D)

N/A 0.400

Riv. End to Center Line (A)

N/A 0.420

Conn. End to Center Line (B)

N/A 0.475

Link Plate Height (H)

N/A 0.594

Link Plate Thickness (T)

N/A 0.079

Pin Diameter (E)

N/A 0.200

Avg. Ultimate Strength

N/A 5,430 lb

Avg. Weight

N/A 0.67 lb/ft

Applications Served

N/A bottling conveyors food processing packaging