Allied-Locke MD Style Buckets may be adapted for use in belt elevator applications in addition to chain elevator applications. Punching dimensions for belt applications are in accordance with manufacturers' standards. Allied-Locke offers five punching styles.

The following application guidelines may help to determine width of belts, length of bolts, and diameter of bolts and washers.
  1. Width of Belt:
    Bucket length +1" for buckets up to 16" long;
    Bucket length +2" for buckets 16 long and over.
  2. Length of Bolts:
    4-ply belts take 0.75" bolt length;
    5-and 6-ply belts take 1.00" bolt length;
    8-ply belts take 1.25" bolt length.
  3. Bolt and Washer Diameters:
    Use 0.25" bolts and 0.25" leather washers for
    up to 10" bucket length;
    Use 0.31" bolts and 0.31" leather washers for
    10" bucket length and up.
The Punching Dimensions Below are Manufacturers’ Standards and Apply to Punching Styles Listed in the Available Bucket Lengths

Dimensions are given in inches.
Unit of Measure


Punching Style

N/A 10

Bucket Length

N/A 13

Dimension (A)

N/A 3.50

Dimension (B)

N/A 0.88

Dimension (C)

N/A 1.00


N/A Style 10 Diagram

Applications Served

N/A bucket elevators conveyors flight conveyors forest products grain handling sugar processing