For Use In Cement Manufacturing Hot Lime and Bulk Material Applications

Allied-Locke's cast Wing Link is the insult of years of chain design, manufacturing and application experience. Our plow shaped barrel, wings and sidebars and our "T" head induction handed pin are a first in chain design.

In 1997, Allied-Locke Industries acquired Sheldon Engineering and Manufacturing, Inkle cast steel product line, which has been in operation since 1983. Sheldon acquired a line of steel drag chain from Rexnord, Inc. in 1983. Included in this product line are Portec, Kensington, Taylor Wharton James Mfg. chain product lines with a history that dates back many decades.

Plow Shape Design
The complete link including the barrel, wings , and sidebars are plow-shaped for improved material handling efficiency.

Longer Pin life
"Induction Hardened" pins are furnished for increased wear life. Sidebars lags protect the pin against abrasion and lock the pin into place to prevent pin rotation.

Optical sliding surfaces on both sides of Wing Link are hardsurfaced for additional wear life.

The Industry's Most Complete Line
Allied-Locke manufactures Cast links as well as a variety of steel, such as Alloy, Manganese, Carbon and Stainless.

Dimensions are given in inches.
Unit of Measure


Chain Number

N/A S6067


N/A 9.000

Recommended Working Load

N/A 24,320 lb


N/A Dimensions<!--Cast Steel Drag Chains-->
Drawing<!--Cast Steel Drag Chain-->

Pin Length (F)

N/A 8.12

Length of Bearing (B)

N/A 5.56

Max. Allowable Sprocket Face (E)

N/A 3.62

Wing and Sidebar Thickness (C)

N/A 0.75

Sidebar Height (G)

N/A 2.50

Pin Diameter (D)

N/A 1.25

Dimension (A)

N/A 10.00 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26

Avg. Weight

N/A 29.7 lb/ft31.9 lb/ft33.6 lb/ft35.2 lb/ft36.8 lb/ft38.8 lb/ft40.4 lb/ft42.0 lb/ft43.3 lb/ft


  • Dimensions subject to change. Certified dimensions of ordered material furnished on request.
  • For Temperatures exceeding 1000° F, consult with Allied-Locke.
  • Applications Served

    N/A cement plants conveyors heavy duty conveyors