Dimensions are given in inches.
Unit of Measure


Pitch (A)

N/A 9.000

Avg. Weight

N/A 41.8 lb/ft

Weight per Pin

N/A 4.2

Avg. Ultimate Strength

N/A 172,800 lb

Recommended Working Load

N/A 23,400 lb


N/A SD Type Dimensions<!--Cast Alloy Drag Chain-->

Barrel Length (B)

N/A 8.44

Side Bar Width (C)

N/A 2.50

Pin Diameter (D)

N/A 1.25

Max. Sprocket Width (E)

N/A 5.75

Pin Head to Center Line (G)

N/A 6.00

Pin End to Center Line (H)

N/A 6.00

Applications Served

N/A cement plants