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Cast Alloy Combination Chains

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Allied-Locke Combination Chain is used extensively in the coal, paper and cement industries although its basic design does not limit its use to those industries. It offers side bars which in many cases provide much more pin bearing area than is found with standard design chains. The greater pin bearing area results in greater service life for pins and side bars and the T-Head pins can be reversed to further increase pin life. A full line of attachment links are available for use with Combination Chain in a variety of applications including bucket elevators, log jack ladders and scraper conveyors. These attachments are described on the pages immediately following.

Dimensions are given in inches.

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Item #

Item Name

Pitch (A)

Avg. Ultimate Strength

Recommended Working Load

Pin Style No.


Center Link Barrel Length (B)

Center Link Barrel Diameter (C)

C102BS Cast Alloy Combination Chain 4.000 49800 lb 5,000 lb 2 2.813 0.969
C102 1/2S Cast Alloy Combination Chain 4.028 41000 lb 6,700 lb 1 3.000 1.375
C110S Cast Alloy Combination Chain 6.000 58,300 lb 5,000 lb 2 2.813 1.250
C111S Cast Alloy Combination Chain 4.700 48,600 lb 7,500 lb 2 3.375 1.438
C131S Cast Alloy Combination Chain 3.075 36800 lb 3,800 lb 1 2.000 1.250
C132S Cast Alloy Combination Chain 6.050 57,100 lb 10,500 lb 1 4.375 1.750
C188S Cast Alloy Combination Chain 2.609 26,000 lb 2,400 lb 2 1.625 0.938
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1 
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