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800 Class Pintle Chains

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Allied-Locke 800 Class Pintle Chain is ideal for many heavy service applications, primarily in cement manufacturing plants, sand and gravel operations and coal mines.

Several of the chains in Allied-Locke’s 800 Class, including the popular #844 chain, feature a special design which virtually eliminates the possibility of the chain or buckets falling due to pin breakage. The design incorporates a cotter or bolt over the head of the pin and through the integrally cast pin stop lugs. A second cotter or bolt is used at the opposite end of the pin and passes through the integrally cast extended boss and pin. As a result, the pin is locked into place and in the unlikely case of a pin breaking, the chain itself remains intact a definite service benefit.

The wide variety of bucket attachment links and other attachments available for use with 800 Class Pintle Chains is described in the following pages.

Dimensions are given in inches.

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Item #

Item Name

Pitch (A)

Avg. Weight

Recommended Working Load

Avg. Ultimate Strength


Barrel Diameter (B)

Barrel Length (C)

844LD 800 Class Pintle Chain 6.000 14.1 lb/ft 7,900 lb 84,600 lb 1.75 3.50
844RD 800 Class Pintle Chain 6.000 17.0 lb/ft 10,500 lb 124,000 lb 2.00 3.50
844MD 800 Class Pintle Chain 6.000 16.2 lb/ft 11,800 lb 140,600 lb 1.75 3.50
844HD 800 Class Pintle Chain 6.000 30.0 lb/ft 14,500 lb 204,800 lb 2.38 3.88
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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