Steel detachable chain is made from special hot rolled strip steel and is heat-treated to assure high strength and long wear life. It is designed for moderate loads and speeds and is also easy to install and repair.

Dimensions are given in inches.
Unit of Measure


Approx. Links per 10 ft.

N/A 52

Approx. Weight per 10'

N/A 13.7 lb

Avg. Ultimate Strength

N/A 5,500 lb

Min. Tensile Strength

N/A 4,400 lb

Pitch (P)

N/A 2.313

Dimension (M)

N/A 1.875

Dimension (E)

N/A 1.110

Dimension (T)

N/A 0.185

Tolerance on Thickness

N/A ±0.007

Applications Served

N/A agriculture conveyors live bottom trailers manure spreaders