• PRC ANSI Single Drawing

    Riveted construction is available for all sizes. Cottered construction is available for chain sizes 60 and larger.

  • Dimensions<!--Solid Bushed/Solid Roller Chains-->

    Solid bushing/solid roller chain holds lubrication in with its one-piece bushings and rollers. This extends the wear life by more than 50%. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Wide Waist PRC LD

    Super Series chains are designed for heavy duty applications. They are similar to our standard series of chain, but the components are specially finished and treated to increase their strength. They include through hardened pins, wide waist design for greater fatigue resistance, ball drifted sideplate holes for a better press fit, and solid bushings for enhanced wear properties.

  • Dimensions<!--British Standard Chains-->

    British standard chains are also known as metric chains. They are similar to ANSI chains in that the pitch is based on fractions of an inch, but they are different in some key dimensions. Dimensions are given in inches.


    Double Capacity chain uses extended pins and has twice the number of link plates, doubling the chain's tensile strength. Common uses for double capacity chain are for lifting related applications.

  • XDO Main Line Drawing



    Allied-Locke's XDO series chains are optimized for the severe requirements of the oilfield industry. Features of Allied-Locke's XDO chain include shot peening to increase fatigue strength and improve resistance to fatigue cracking, wider waist link plates for greater resistance to shock, ball drifting of the sideplate holes to increase the life of the chain, and specialized hot dip lubrication to maximize lubrication penetration in the chain joints.

  • Dimensions<!--Drive Series-->

    Double pitch roller chains are dimensionally similar to standard ANSI roller chains but have double the pitch size. The A series has figure-8 shaped sidebars and is used in drive applications, while the C series has straight sidebars with either standard or over-sized rollers and is used in conveyor applications. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Bent, One Side
  • Dimensions<!--Nickel Plated Chains-->

    Plated roller chain is standard chain which is nickel-plated before assembly. It features a sheen and has the property of being resistant to corrosion, together with almost the same strength and wear resistance as standard roller chain. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Dimensions<!--304 Stainless Steel Chain-->
  • Armor Coat Image

    Armor coat chain features the strength of carbon steel with a corrosion resistance exceeding nickel plated chain. The baked on coating is applied both prior to assembly and again after assembly. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Dimensions<!--Self-Lube & Rollerless Chains Single Strand-->

    Self-lube roller chain assures seizure-free, long life when normal lubrication is not possible or is restricted. It is interchangeable with standard ANSI roller chain and runs on standard ANSI sprockets. Dimensions are given in inches.


    Allied-Locke's SLB chains are assembled with nickel plated pins and specially treated side plates for maximized corrosion resistance. We also use heat treated, sintered, oil-impregnated bushings that are made of materials that resist wear and promote smooth action. SLB chains are interchangable with ANSI sprockets. "SLB" added for identification. SLB chain is furnished with Rollers. Allied-Locke also offers a SLH (Heavy SLB) version of this chain with thicker roller link sideplates, upon request.

  • Dimensions<!--Leaf Chains AL and BL Series-->
  • Silent Series Chain Pic

    Inverted tooth chain is especially good for use in high speed and high load applications.

    • High Tensile Strength
    • Excellent Fatigue Resistance
    • Low Noise
    • Ultimate Wear Life

    Excel series chain uses the outer sidebars as guides. Type A and B have different link profiles. Type A can sustain higher load and speed. Connecting links and widths other than specified are available upon request.  

    Silent Series uses the center-most sidebar as a guide, with the exception of SC302, which uses side guides at a distance or .46" apart. Silent Series contain 2 pin joints. Connecting links and widths other than specified are available upon request.

  • Dimensions<!--Self-Lube & Rollerless Chains Single Strand-->

    Designed to withstand continual wearing action, rollerless chain is ideal for lifting services or tension linkage applications. Rollerless chain has the same strength and size as ANSI standard chain. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Straight Sidebar PRC Drawing

    Straight sidebar chains are identical to standard ANSI roller chains, with the exception of the sidebar shape. While standard chains have figure-8 shaped sidebars, these chains have flat sidebars and are mainly used in conveyor applications. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Dimensions<!--Non-Standard Series Chains-->

    These chains have standard pitch sizes but are non-standard on one or more other dimensions. For example, they may have larger or smaller rollers, larger or smaller pins, or thicker or thinner link plates than the standard ANSI roller chain of the same pitch. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Hollow Pin PRC Drawing

    The unique "hollow" pin feature provides unlimited conveyor versatility, allowing easy insertion of cross rods or attachments. Hollow pin chain is identical to ANSI roller chain, running on standard ANSI sprockets. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Dimensions<!--Side Bow Chain-->

    Side bow chain offers extra clearance between pins, bushings, and side-plates to allow flexibility around curves or in twists. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Dimensions<!--Hoist Chains-->

    Hoist chains are made with through-hardened carbon alloy steel pins, giving them a higher working load capacity. They are dimensionally equal to ANSI standard 50 and 60 chains but will give less wear life than the equivalent standard size. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • O Ring PRC Drawing

    O-ring chains feature rubber seals between the pin link and roller link plates. These seals help keep the lubrication in and contaminants such as dirt or dust out. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Chain Detachers

    These hand tools are used to break apart roller chain quickly and easily, without hammers or punches. Replacement tips are also available.

  • Citrus Chain Drawing

    Citrus chains are furnished with extended pins for insertion into conveyor rollers. They are available in both carbon steel and stainless steel. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Sorting Chain C2060H G1

    Sorting chains feature G-1 holes in the link plates, through which rods can be inserted for use with a wire mesh belt or in washing station conveyors. Parallel strands are typically used. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Dimensions<!--Caterpillar Chain-->

    Caterpillar chains are essential in driving drop forged chain conveyors. They feature one-piece forged dogs, assembled into high-quality ANSI roller chain. Dimensions are given in inches.