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Style "MD" Elevator Buckets

MD Style Buckets for Chain Elevators

MD Style Buckets are the most commonly used buckets for general purpose elevators. They are widely used for fine and medium sized materials and also for heavy, abrasive materials. These buckets feature reinforced front lips for a long-wearing digging edge, along with uniform wall thickness and reinforced corners for strength.

Dimensions are given in inches.
Style "AC" Elevator Buckets

AC Style Buckets for Chain Elevators

AC Style Buckets are extra capacity buckets that provide fast, complete discharge of cement, lime and other dry materials. Vent holes in the bottom of each bucket release trapped air on filling and allow material to empty from the bucket quickly and completely. Reinforced lips and hooded backs permit closer bucket spacing and provide greater carrying capacity.

Dimensions are given in inches.
Style "MD" Elevator Buckets

MD Style Buckets for Belt Elevators

Allied-Locke MD Style Buckets may be adapted for use in belt elevator applications in addition to chain elevator applications. Punching dimensions for belt applications are in accordance with manufacturers' standards. Allied-Locke offers five punching styles.

The following application guidelines may help to determine width of belts, length of bolts, and diameter of bolts and washers.
  1. Width of Belt:
    Bucket length +1" for buckets up to 16" long;
    Bucket length +2" for buckets 16 long and over.
  2. Length of Bolts:
    4-ply belts take 0.75" bolt length;
    5-and 6-ply belts take 1.00" bolt length;
    8-ply belts take 1.25" bolt length.
  3. Bolt and Washer Diameters:
    Use 0.25" bolts and 0.25" leather washers for
    up to ...
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