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    Allied-Locke Rivetless Chain is a patented design with many industrial applications. This chain is cast by the shell mold process to ensure buyers of a sound casting with an extraordinarily smooth surface finish and excellent fit. The unique side bar design contributes significantly to the life and strength of the chain by providing additional surface contact area and offering protection to the pin head.

    Dimensions are given in inches.

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    Allied-Locke Combination Chain is used extensively in the coal, paper and cement industries although its basic design does not limit its use to those industries. It offers side bars which in many cases provide much more pin bearing area than is found with standard design chains. The greater pin bearing area results in greater service life for pins and side bars and the T-Head pins can be reversed to further increase pin life. A full line of attachment links are available for use with Combination Chain in a variety of applications including bucket elevators, log jack ladders and scraper conveyors. These attachments are described on the pages immediately following.

    Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Cast Steel Drag Chains

    For Use In Cement Manufacturing Hot Lime and Bulk Material Applications

    Allied-Locke's cast Wing Link is the insult of years of chain design, manufacturing and application experience. Our plow shaped barrel, wings and sidebars and our "T" head induction handed pin are a first in chain design.

    In 1997, Allied-Locke Industries acquired Sheldon Engineering and Manufacturing, Inkle cast steel product line, which has been in operation since 1983. Sheldon acquired a line of steel drag chain from Rexnord, Inc. in 1983. Included in this product line are Portec, Kensington, Taylor Wharton James Mfg. chain product lines with a history that dates back many decades.

    Plow Shape Design
    The complete link including the barrel, wings , and sidebars are plow-shaped for improved material handling efficiency.

    Longer Pin life
    "Induction Hardened" pins are furnished for increased wear life. Sidebars lags protect the pin against abrasion and lock the pin into place to prevent pin rotation.

    Optical sliding surfaces on both sides of Wing Link are hardsurfaced for additional wear life.

    The Industry's Most Complete Line
    Allied-Locke manufactures Cast links as well as a variety of steel, such as Alloy, Manganese, Carbon and Stainless.

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  • 800 Class Pintle Chains

    Allied-Locke 800 Class Pintle Chain is ideal for many heavy service applications, primarily in cement manufacturing plants, sand and gravel operations and coal mines.

    Several of the chains in Allied-Locke’s 800 Class, including the popular #844 chain, feature a special design which virtually eliminates the possibility of the chain or buckets falling due to pin breakage. The design incorporates a cotter or bolt over the head of the pin and through the integrally cast pin stop lugs. A second cotter or bolt is used at the opposite end of the pin and passes through the integrally cast extended boss and pin. As a result, the pin is locked into place and in the unlikely case of a pin breaking, the chain itself remains intact a definite service benefit.

    The wide variety of bucket attachment links and other attachments available for use with 800 Class Pintle Chains is described in the following pages.

    Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Fabricated Steel Drag Chains
  • Heavy duty welded Steel drag chains for your most abrasive applications. All components heat-treated.
  • Induction Hardened Pins
  • High Interference fits on pins to insure pins will not rotate.
  • Hard surface welding to greatly extend the life of the chains sliding surfaces and digging edges.
  • Square edges provide optimum chain conveying.

    Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Cast Alloy Drag Chains

    Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Wash Box (Bar Type) Chain

    Allied-Locke Wash Box, or Bar Type Chain, has its primary application in coal preparation plants. This chain provides excellent service even under extensive exposure to the corrosive sulphur content found in wet coal washers.

    Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Barking Drum Chain

    Allied-Locke Barking Drum Chain has proven its ability to provide longer chain life, reduced downtime and smooth operation, whether suspended or used as drive chain on trunnion mounted drums. This chain features a double cotter design which provides an extra measure of protection in case of pin breakage. Allied-Locke has also developed a unique flanged idler for use with this chain which assures proper alignment of the chain and extends its service life.

    Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Dimensions<!--Cast Alloy Combination Chain - S1 Attachment-->
  • Cast Segmental Sprocket Rim

    Allied-Locke manufactures a variety of sprockets, traction wheels, plus idlers and rollers, for use with Allied-Locke chains. Cast from the same high quality manganese steel formula as is used in Allied-Locke chain, Allied-Locke sprockets and traction wheels offer the advantages of compatibility, work hardening and a service life appreciably longer than cast iron or steel. All Allied-Locke sprockets and traction wheels have machined bores with both sides fully faced. Keyways and/or set screws are provided according to customer specifications or to standard sizes. When special needs require them, flanges, recessed or non-recessed, can be integrally cast on either or both sides of sprockets and traction wheels and offer better chain support, prolonged chain life and more positive chain alignment.

    In addition to a complete line of solid, one-piece sprockets and traction wheels, Allied-Locke engineers have developed segmental rim sprockets and traction wheels with renewable teeth or pads. Teeth or pads can be replaced quickly and efficiently without removing the chain or the sprocket or wheel center, a feature which can result in significant time and cost savings. Both Allied-Locke solid cast and segmental rim sprockets and traction wheels are available with split hubs which facilitate installation and replacement.