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Agricultural Roller Chains

Agricultural Roller Chains are manufactured of hardened steel parts to close tolerances. They provide high quality, increased strength and longer life within their service range.

For applications from combines to forage harvesters, Allied-Locke Agricultural Roller Chain is engineered and manufactured for long life and reduced wear.

Dimensions are given in inches.

Agricultural Roller Chain Assemblies, Aprons, Flights & Slats

Allied-Locke maintains complete stocks on all standard Corn Picker Gathering Chains and Flight Assemblies. Ask for our separate catalog page listing all Corn Head Gathering Chains. In addition, our engineering department will assist you in developing new designs for any special or experimental applications.

Conveyor, elevator, spreader and forage wagon flights are available completely assembled on chains for greater convenience in installation-saving both time and money. Double-strand chains are carefully matched to ensure uniform length and proper alignment of the attachments. Our engineering department will assist you in developing new designs for any special or experimental applications.
Steel Pintle Chains Image

Steel Pintle Chains

Allied-Locke Steel Pintle Chains feature all heat-treated parts and quad-staked pins. Their open barrel design eliminates material build-up in the root of the sprockets, assuring smoother operation, uniform link wear, and greater resistance to fatigue.

Dimensions are given in inches.
Steel Detachable Chains Image

Steel Detachable Chains

Steel detachable chain is made from special hot rolled strip steel and is heat-treated to assure high strength and long wear life. It is designed for moderate loads and speeds and is also easy to install and repair.

Dimensions are given in inches.
T-Bar Chains Image

T-Bar Chains

T-bar links feature a clean design that prevents clogging or binding and allows for easy assembly/disassembly. This chain offers a longer wear life than steel detachable or steel pintle chains, due to its material thickness.

Dimensions are given in inches.
T-Rod Chains Image

T-Rod Chains

Developed for use in spreaders, its unique design increases fatigue life and wear life and reduces stretching. It runs smoothly and quietly on standard #67 sprockets.

Dimensions are given in inches.
CA550-A1 Attachment Image

Agricultural, Steel Pintle, Steel Detachable and T-Bar Chain Attachments

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